M.A.E. (Fashion – Art – Show). BEACHFRONT ELEGANCE. 2015 ::


M.A.E. gives us the coordinates needed to develop urban redevelopment projects on disused areas. (Muelle Vergara) Waterfront.

Drawing upon a theme atingentes as global consumption is at its best Fashion – Art – Show of Luxury.

Viña del Mar, allowing part of the circuit from Exclusive Social capital Santiago of Chile, where there is a shift of the floating population ABC1 During the summer period.

Entitled: international fashion scene platform.


To understand the issue from the living and live the “expensive” from their habits to their daily interaction radius within a temporality that is digging into the details that ultimately make the luxury and fashion, a lifestyle. This is enhanced by real people who use this method, those who make fashion urban design and architecture … and profitable.

M.A.E. on the other hand to demonstrate that the stage of Viña del Mar is ready for the luxury market and the latter is proportional to the initial stage of Santiago – Chile in 2004.

Viña del Mar make a World Class City, in short, has a meaning of efficiency, balance and quality. In addition, we tried to make our community a place where they generate more and better job opportunities and realize works to higher standards of Viña del Mar is a modern and welcoming city. A city proud of its history, valued and recognized a city in Chile and worldwide.

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“Only worth learning what you can not explain.” Le Corbusier

“I love it when to Meet in fashion and architecture Such a well-thought and Impressive, yet simple and elegant way.” Go Andrade 2015. ©

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